Tales from Japan: Chantelle AW20

Chantelle is a brand that represents all women, acting as an essential pillar of daily life for many around the world. Whether as a source of strength, comfort or style, women find meaningful ways to live through Chantelle and find purpose in the values shared with them. This AW20 Chantelle gets inspired from Japanese teachings.

Day to night: out of the light and into the night

From zen gardens to nights in the electric city, Chantelle's new Day to Night line subtly blends a floral motif with an elegant silhouette for all day wear. Its style plays on the harmony between delicate lace and mesh for a trendy look.

Softstrech lace: the new lace bralette

A new addition to the SoftStrech range, the classic padded top is reimagined for this season in a modern and feminine lace line. The bra, made out of ultra soft and stretchy material, gives a second skin effect adaptable to all body types.

Chantelle faces

With a cast of four engaging individuals who each embody different aspects of Chantelle, each model tells their own chapter of the Autumn Winter 2020 story in their own distinct style. Yet all share an important human message, that should be embraced by all, Chantelle's Ikigai.

Ines Rau

The first transgender model ever to feature for Chantelle, Ines, has an inspiring personal story to tell alongside her striking appearance. Her journey to transition led her to writing an autobiography entitled 'Femme'. She is an advocate of human rights.

Kim van der Laan

Dutch model Kim is a student of psychology, politics and philosophy and intends to go into writing on a range of subjects alongside her work in fashion.

Naomi Shimada

Advocate of body positivity and lifelong Chantelle customer, Naomi is a social media star. Active in the fashion industry since the age of 16. Her regular podcast appearances on platforms such as the BBC and her active nature on Instagram have led her to write her book 'Mixed Feelings', which tackles issues of mental health and digital habits.

Nisaa Pouncey

Nisaa is a rising star in fashion. Her positive outlook on life and passion to travel informs all that she does, seeing herself as a role model to other young African American girls.

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About Chantelle

Chantelle specializes in creating perfectly fitting and high-quality lingerie designed to protect beauty, in all its forms. Lingerie is not just a hidden garment under your clothes. It is the foundation of every outfit you wear. The right lingerie makes your clothes look better and it makes you feel more comfortable. Combining its heritage of innovation with strong design expertise and a contemporary vision. Chantelle is inspired by today's versatile woman and the power of diversity.