Flexibility and innovation during the crisis at Chantelle Lingerie

During the crisis, Chantelle Lingerie decides to switch production to sanitary masks to ensure the survival of the company

In response to the urgent need for sanitary masks in this global pandemic, the French family company Chantelle reacted quickly and put its specialist knowledge and factory employees to use to create reusable mouth masks. Production has been running for more than two months now, while the company has interrupted its usual underwear production.

By the end of June, 20 million masks are expected in an additional storage area. The Chantelle warehouse in Corbie normally has storage space for four million bras, theoretically 50 to 60 million masks could also be stored here.

Guillaume Kretz, general manager of Chantelle:

"The subject has become relevant worldwide, because South America, where the pandemic is only just beginning, wants to have enough masks available as well. The pandemic has provided an impetus to think differently, to promote the production of masks and also to protect against diseases and environmental pollution (e.g. Smog) in general. We want to further improve the masks and innovate in the future, for example by developping masks that enable lip-reading for the hearing impaired by the end of the year. We see great future potential here."

The family business Chantelle Lingerie was founded at the end of the 19th century and has already experienced a number of economic and political crises. The company responds to crises as quickly as possible and is extremely flexible in order to ensure that employees are retained and the survival of the company can be guaranteed. When the demand for underwear fell sharply due to the closure of stores as a result of the Corona crisis, the company reacted very quickly and changed production in its own factories in France, Morocco, Tunisia, Thailand and Vietnam.

"We're a textile company with a history in lingerie. Our core competence includes a feel for materials and ideal fit - we quickly turn ideas into prototypes that can be manufactured at the highest level in our production facilities. We act quickly, effectively and adapt production capacities to real demand" explains Guillaume Kretz.

The company has produced standardized prototypes of masks within just three weeks and plans to improve comfort and function in the future. As one of the largest underwear manufacturers in the world, Chantelle has set itself the goal of permanently including sanitary masks in its range and establishing itself as a market leader in the production of those masks. Thanks to Chantelle's flexible and innovative market management, the company was able to weather this crisis without too many losses.

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Over Chantelle

Chantelle is gespecialiseerd in het maken van perfect passende en hoogwaardige lingerie, ontworpen om de schoonheid, in al haar vormen, te beschermen. Lingerie is niet alleen een verborgen kledingstuk onder je kleding. Het is de basis van elke outfit die je aantrekt. De juiste lingerie zorgt ervoor dat je kleding er beter uitziet en dat jij je comfortabeler voelt. Chantelle combineert haar erfgoed van innovatie met een sterke design expertise & eigentijdse visie en is geïnspireerd door de veelzijdige vrouw van vandaag en de kracht van gecombineerde verschillen en diversiteit.