Chantelle Beachwear SS19

Feel the spirit, beauty and passion of summer with Chantelle's tactile, textural and sensuous designs for the beach and poolside. Let's get transported to windswept beaches with white dunes and extraterrestrial shapes; seas of tranquility and shores of beauty; another world.

The new line EDEN from the Chantelle beach collection stands for simplicity, modernity and a timeless style. EDEN is safe in terms of shape and style, but stands out with its deep green and bright orange hues. Subtile silver details add a little spark to the distinctive colors Pine and Spark Orange.

Find all the beachwear packshots here, and all campaign images here.


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About Chantelle

Chantelle specializes in creating perfectly fitting and high-quality lingerie designed to protect beauty, in all its forms. Lingerie is not just a hidden garment under your clothes. It is the foundation of every outfit you wear. The right lingerie makes your clothes look better and it makes you feel more comfortable. Combining its heritage of innovation with strong design expertise and a contemporary vision. Chantelle is inspired by today's versatile woman and the power of diversity.