Chantelle presents : BEING at one


The rise and fall of breath.
Finding solace in the shades of Autumn.
Anchored in the gravity of being, seeking truth.

This season CL group has considered the nuances of identiy, focusing on a theme of being, and what this means for each of their brands. For Chantelle, this is embodied in a sense of being. The search for inner peace and harmony, and blending the truth of mind, body and soul. Chantelle introduces Sense of Being, the Fall Winter collection for 2019, a campaign grounded in the idea of being at one, and inspired by the pursuit of truth.

In response to an over reliance on technology and social media narcissism, consumers are looking to reconnect, re-evaluate and find peace both within themselves and as a part of a greater whole.

To embody this search, the Chantelle FW19 campaign, photographed by Renaud Cambuzat, looked to four unique individuals. Rooted in Chantelle's core brand values, the faces that run through the FW19 campaign represent the multifaceted women of today and the power of combined differences. Four individual personalities, styles and profiles but one common strength.

Featuring a combination of urban and more ethereal landscapes, FW19 exists in no particular time or place, focussing on the comfort of simply being. The individual women in the campaign portray a sense of peace, serenity and feeling at home in your environment - wherever you are. Chantelle takes you to this place.

Through the complicated and often chaotic nature of the present day, Chantelle has taken its own path, finding strength in the comfort of BEING AT ONE.

Chantelle x Amber Witcombe

PDF - 973 Kb

Chantelle x Cai Lee

PDF - 951 Kb

Chantelle x Samantha Gradoville

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Chantelle x Tehya Elam

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About Chantelle

Chantelle specializes in creating perfectly fitting and high-quality lingerie designed to protect beauty, in all its forms. Lingerie is not just a hidden garment under your clothes. It is the foundation of every outfit you wear. The right lingerie makes your clothes look better and it makes you feel more comfortable. Combining its heritage of innovation with strong design expertise and a contemporary vision. Chantelle is inspired by today's versatile woman and the power of diversity.